one 3/4" sterling silver disc + chain
text can be left natural or blackened.

Please use this format when providing your personalization:
45.12° N
24.12° W
(+Latitude = N or - Latitude = E; +Longitude = S or  -Longitude = W)

You can use the asterisk for the degree symbol and I will know what you mean...or you can copy the degree symbol I used above.

N/S/E/W directionals and minus/plus signs serve the same purpose to show which hemisphere the coordinates are in. Only one of these two options is ever used, as a negative, West would indicate East, and so on. If both are included in the coordinates you provide, we will leave off the minus/plus sign. (A set of coordinates with - and W would move your coordinates from America to China!)

Please include your coordinates *exactly* as you would like them stamped. 
The following website can assist you in converting your address/location to coordinates:

 add more discs and dangles

Stamping is available on one side only.

  • charms are hand stamped with individual letter stamping tools...variations in spacing and lettering are to be expected....this makes your piece truly unique and should not be considered a defect
  • all silver components are .925 sterling silver
  • please note that the photo in the listing is a representation of the piece you will receive
  • if not specified, your purchase will be created as pictured or how personalization fits best.
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