how it all began

cropped-head-shot.jpg Hi! I'm Melissa, designer, maker + doer of all things malisay designs!

In 2009 I was inspired by a pendant I saw at the runner's expo for my first half marathon in Phoenix. It was hand stamped and I wanted it! I was planning to buy it for myself as a reward after the race. But instead, I started researching the art of hand stamped jewelry, bought some supplies and made myself the pendant! I started making gifts for friends and then wondered what would happen if I turned my new craft in to an actual, I did. :)

I have a degree in interior design and love working with my hands. I have so many interests and am constantly starting new projects. I am not meant to do "just one thing"...the possibilities are endless!
I love being able to work from my home studio. I personally stamp, polish and package every order. There is a little bit of love in every order I ship.

I am a work from home momma to two amazing littles - a 4th + 1st grade. They keep us laughing and they certainly keep us on our toes! They also inspire to me to always put my best foot forward and humble me with unconditional love even on those days when my 'best' is chicken nuggets for dinner while we watch the same movie that we likely just watched thirteen hundred times in the previous week.

Thanks so much for stopping by! I look forward to creating an heirloom quality piece just for you! ~Melissa • September 2022